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We selected big variety of younger generation's favourable point-make from Japanese Big Brands. Most of Series are very popular makeup cosmetics for younger ages between 15 - 22 years, and all introduced series have many color selection and many different makeup-tools which younger users are easily selectable and applicable not only in home but outside.

Also important things are very reasonably cheap in price and very smaller in size, which user can hold several colors in small pochette or makeup bag. Now Japanese younger generation are using several variety of make up different in daytime and nighttime which is easily changeable in outside.

Japanese younger generation are also getting several variety of Beauty suppliment foods (drink & tablets) related in collagen or hyaluronic acid, etc. which is also handled by our other site: BeautyFood

So please visit this site then when you find your interesting products suitable to your market, please contact us with your idea or requirements. For your enquiry, please kindly give us detail of your cosmetic business operation thru. this site mail form.

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